"SAREX - one of the best benefits for students is to recognize their own possibilities and choices.

If you can get a contact from Paltamo to the space craft, what shall be the possibilities in the future! "

"You don't have to go to the big metropolis for taking part with global scientific studies and works. Technology will open incredible possibilities.
The world is here and now. You are in the centre of the world.
You should utilize much more the educational possibilities of ham radio. Ham radio is one of the versatilest hobbies to develop yourself."

SAREX in Paltamo

This was the beginning...



Markku Korhonen OH8UV
-born on August 29, 1958
-music teacher in Paltamo High School (teachs also some other subjects like astronomy, chemistry, communication, ham radio, physics)
-ham since 1973 also known as OH7UV
-QRV on 160 meters to 70 cm, specially interested on contests on HF. Primary interest is VHF (shuttles, MIR, satellites, meteor scatter, sporadic-Es, Aurora-Es, Aurora etc.)
-other hobbies: radio amateur orienteering, golf, sailing, stamps, communication camps, movies, fishing, astronomy, music etc.

Also you can find my home page:OH8UV

E-mail: oh8uv@kainuumedia.fi