ICARE - The International Council for Amateur Radio in Education was established following a conference held near London in 1995 to discuss all matters relating to the introduction of amateur radio into schools, colleges and universities throughout the world.

It was the initiative of the STELAR Group ( Science and Technology through Educational Links with Amateur Radio ) based in the UK. STELAR has been working for some time to educate the educators into accepting amateur radio as a 'cross-curricular tool' which not only broadens youngsters horizons but also interests them in, and prepares them for, a career in science, technology and communications.

The aims of ICARE are to offer a forum to educators and students world-wide for the exchange and support of educational projects and methods using amateur radio as the stimulus.

The ICARE Council meets annually at present to discuss educational progress within the member countries and to plan future projects which will encourage youngsters to become excited by the modern techniques now being used in amateur radio.

It is hoped that eventually all countries who have amateur radio will also have an ICARE co-ordinator and that every effort will be made by the national amateur radio societies to encourage the growth of amateur radio in schools. Only through encouraging the younger generation will we ensure the survival of amateur radio in the future.

The countries who are already involved in ICARE are Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kenya, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, UK and USA. If you would like to nominate a country co-ordinator and your country is not already represented the Council of ICARE would be pleased to receive your proposal for consideration.

The Finnish Radio Amateur League has selected Markku Korhonen OH7UV/OH8UV to the Finnish country co-ordinator for ICARE.
The Chairman is: The Secretary is:

Richard Horton, G3XWH, Hilary Claytonsmith, G4JKS,‚

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