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Sputnik RS-18 / SPOUTNIK 41

Sputnik is now on-the-air!

Listen to Sputnik18/41,au-file (39kB), wav-file (78 kB) whole message (2min 17 sec) au-file (1.1MB),whole message (2min 17 sec) wav-file (2.1MB) (recorded 10.11.1998 at 2359 UTC in Paltamo)
RS17 Sputnik (recorded on 1997: first seconds on FM, then on CW, back to FM.) AIFC-file (113 kB), au-file (128 kB)

"Sputnik or Spoutnik is tentatively planned to be hand launched the morning of November 11, from the Russian Space Station Mir.
Anyone with a simple 2-meter receiver or scanner should be able to hear the voice recordings being played by Sputnik.
Notes: The launch time is tentative, based on the crews work load. The EVA is currently scheduled to start around November 10 at 2200 UTC and end at 0200 - 0400 UTC.
Stations in Europe will be able to hear the Satellite first.
North America may be able to hear the satellite beginning at 11:30 P.M. EDT. (0430 UTC) on Tuesday evening.

Listening for Sputnik:
Sputnik is operating on the frequency 145.812.
Because of Doppler shift, the signal may appear anywhere between 145.808 - 145.816 (I rounded a little).
When Sputnik first comes in range for its 10 minute pass, the initial frequency plus Doppler will be approximately 145.816 (145.812.5 TX freq., plus 3.5k Doppler shift).
When Sputnik is directly over head, the frequency will be approximately 145.812.
Then as Sputnik passes away and nears the horizon, the frequency will be approximately 145.809 (145.812.5, minus Doppler 3.5k).
If you have an FM receiver which can tune only in 5k Channels, try to listen for Sputnik on 145.815 at the beginning of the pass, then step down to 145.810 and 145.805 towards the end of the pass. Sputnik can be heard with most receivers, FM, CW or SSB.

There are several other satellites which share this part of the 2-meter band. One of the satellites you my also hear with a simple FM radio, is A0-17-Dove.
This satellite transmits normal AX.25 FM Packet on 145.825."

For more information about this project, please check out the Amsat-France Web page and follow the links to the Sputnik http://www.ccr.jussieu.fr/physio/f6bvp/

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